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  1. DJ and Accent Lighting

    We have recently updated our selection of lighting options available for rent.  We carry a great assortment of lighting options for different styles of events, including high tempo electronic lights, accenting pieces, or effects pieces.  Here are some of the popular options available.


    Due to a very high demand we purchased a high end uplighting system that can transform the look of an entire room.  This system runs on high capacity recharchable batteries which adds the great benefit of a completely wireless and effortlesssetup.  Lights are simply placed around the room and turned on. They can be set for any solid color or can run one of the various programs with various effects.  We can set the lights for you prior to your event so no programming is necessary.


    LED Effects Lighting

     Swarm 5FX lights:  A complet

  2. Catering Equipment Explained

    Browsing through our inventory of cooking equipment can become arduous, as we have multiple pieces of equipment to accommodate any catered event. We can accommodate both on-site and off-site applications. Here is a summary breakdown of some of the options available to you.

    We have grills of all sizes and types. We offer flat-tops & gas grills with lava rocks ranging from 36 inches to 72 inches. We also have charcoal grills for the barbeque enthusiast. All of our gas grills come with a propane tank. An event consultant will help you determine the right size based upon your estimated cooking time and serving output needs.

    Food transporters are the best ways to take your culinary creations off site. Insulated transporters are the recommended option for small events, and will fit 4 food pans to 7 sheet pans. These will keep you food hot or cold for up to 6 hrs. We have insulated and non insulated heating cabinets for larger events. These units will ho

  3. Linen Sizes - Choosing the right tablecloth

    Here is a general guide to determine the appropriate size linens for your event.

    Round Cloths:

    90" - Hangs floor length on 30" table; Has a 27" overhang on a 36" table; Has a 21" overhang on a 48" table; Has a 15" overhang on a 60" table; Has a 9" overhang on a 72" table.

    96" - Hangs floor length on a 36" table; Hangs 24" on a 48" table; Has an 18" overhang on a 60" table; Has a 12" overhang on a 72" table.

    108" - Hangs floor length on a 48" table; Has a 24" overhang on a 60" table; Has an 18" overhang on a 72" table.

    120" - Hangs floor length on a 60" table; Has an 24" overhang on a 72" table

    132" - Hangs to the floor on a 72" table.

    Banquet (rectangular) Cloths:

    54" X 120" - Hangs about half way on a 6' table; Hangs less than half way on an 8' table.

    90" X 132" - Floor length on a 6' banquet table.

    90" X 156" - Floor length on an 8' banquet table. Squ

  4. Tent Sizes - How to find the size for you

    Determining the size of your tent can be tricky. Most people don't think about everything they want to fit underneath and only account for the main items. Some of the questions we ask our customers are:

    1. How many guests are you expecting?
    2. Will you be seating them at tables of 8 or 10
    3. Do you need room for a dance floor, buffet, bar, lounge area, stage, head table, or sweetheart table?
    4. Do you need additional space for mingling or tall cocktail tables?

    General space requirements by item:

    Tables: Usually a table of 8 - 10 people takes up a 10' x 10' area. That allows enough room for maneuvering chairs and adequate lane space for people to navigate between tables.

    Bar: We also recommend a 10' x 10' bar area so there is enough space for a small line.

    Dance Floor: No additional space is needed beyond most dance floors. You can use