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  1. Tent Sizes - How to find the size for you

    Determining the size of your tent can be tricky. Most people don't think about everything they want to fit underneath and only account for the main items. Some of the questions we ask our customers are:

    1. How many guests are you expecting?
    2. Will you be seating them at tables of 8 or 10
    3. Do you need room for a dance floor, buffet, bar, lounge area, stage, head table, or sweetheart table?
    4. Do you need additional space for mingling or tall cocktail tables?

    General space requirements by item:

    Tables: Usually a table of 8 - 10 people takes up a 10' x 10' area. That allows enough room for maneuvering chairs and adequate lane space for people to navigate between tables.

    Bar: We also recommend a 10' x 10' bar area so there is enough space for a small line.

    Dance Floor: No additional space is needed beyond most dance floors. You can use