About us

We believe in personal connections, better products, and consistent successes.

Working Together

A long time member of the Rhode Island community, our business has grown through direct connections to our customers. We work closely with many reputable vendors, venues, and clientele every season. The goal of Quality Rental is to provide excellent service to our customers in all facets. Building a friendly connection is the very foundation. We invite everyone to our showrooms 6 days a week with no appointment and look forward to building a great connection with you.

Keeping Things Fresh

Quality Rental is known for its incredibly unique and well kept inventory. We are unique in the fact that we directly solicit feedback from our partners and customers every year. We purchase new product each season based on those suggestions. This has not only helped shape the direction of our business, but helped to create a very diverse range of products. We have another reputation unique to the rental industry. We keep our staple items refreshed and replenished. We are known for our chair and table quality and upkeep on our equipment. What you see in our showrooms is what you will get on rental day!

Accomplished and Referred

We are proud of our reputation and our ability to provide customers with consistent success stories. We proudly display our awards, testimonials, and 5 star reviews. We have a staff with hundreds of combined years of rental experience. We understand what it takes to consistently perform well and what it means to be trusted with your orders and most important life events.

A Brief History

In 1968, Richard Frechette attended a trade show representing a lock company. A blizzard provided ample free time for conversation amongst vendors to flourish. A connection with Taylor Rental reps was made. In 1969 a small Taylor Rental store on York Avenue in Pawtucket, RI was opened with a very limited inventory and a complete family staff.

In 1983 a decision was made to consolidate two smaller locations into a much larger location on Walcott Street (cited as the largest Taylor Rental in existence). The North Providence store then moved into a larger building next door. The dedication and reputation of quality in both product and customer service was strong and the decision was made to go independent in 1985. The two new larger locations in Pawtucket and North Providence had now become Quality Rental Centers Inc.

Today, a third generation of the Frechette family continues the commitment of exceptional service and product in the rental industry. We have transformed into a modern event rental center that stays true to our service oriented roots. Quality Rental is known as one of the most versatile and successful rental stores in the region.