Tent Rental FAQs

Tent season is April 1st – October 31st. We often do not install tents outside of season as colder weather damages many of our tent canvases and provides additional challenges to the process. If you have a special out of season request, we will attempt to accommodate you to the best of our ability.
We carry a wide variety of tents in different styles and sizes. These range from 10’x 10‘ to 60’x 200’. We have event staff to assist you in making the proper sizing and style choice for your event.
Frames Tents are built on a metal structure and have no interior poles. They can be anchored on grass with stakes or asphalt with water barrels. This tent has the option for side walls and many different lighting and decorative options.
Century Pole Tents have tall elegant peaks with a “castle style appearance”. This is create from center poles on the interior. This is a tension style tent and as such requires staking completely surrounding the exterior. This tent also allows for many decorative options such as lighting and sidewalls.
Customer pole tents are lighter weight options typically seen in backyard events. They range in sizes up to 20’ x 40’ in size. This style of tent is set up and broken down by customers on their own. We have an instructional video to assist. This tent does not allow for siding.
In addition to tents, we also provide lighting, liners, and décor. We are also happy to assist with floor plans and cad designs to visualize your event to scale. We have event consultation services at no additional cost to our customers. We also include free site inspections and measurements as part of your rental where a tent specialist can provide recommendations.
While we are one of the only rental companies to display our pricing for rentals online, tents are excluded. We do not show tent prices due to the many factors that need to be considered as part of an overall quote. Surface of installation, obstacles, weather, time restrictions, and accessories are just a few of the factors. Event consultant would be happy to guide you towards the best tent for your event and quickly and adequately quote pricing via our many Contact Options.
You may. Every city/town has its own rules and regulations regarding tents. Contact your town hall with questions regarding installing a tent on your property.
Tents we install are designed to withstand rain and other elements. There are rare occasions conditions will be unsafe and we cannot install a tent. We will reschedule or refund the order in this instance.

Delivery FAQs

We deliver to most of Southern New England including Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We will also entertain out of market rentals if possible. Delivery costs vary based on distance from our central location in Pawtucket RI. Most surrounding cities are roughly $70-$100. This includes delivery and pick up of all items on your order.
Normal delivery of rentals is done 1 day prior to your event. We require a 4 hour window of time within our business hours to make a delivery. (Example: morning slot 8:00am- 12:00pm, midday slot 10:00am-2:00pm, afternoon slot 12:00-4:00pm) We can also accommodate specific requests such as specific times, after hours, or Sundays. These requests often incur a labor fee. We can often accommodate other requests such as early delivery or late pickup and treat them on a case by case basis.
Delivery and pick up of all items on the order is included in a standard delivery rate. Deliveries are for a first floor level and during normal business hours. Delivery personnel are instructed to stack items in a mutually agreed upon location. Items should be returned to this location in the same manner when we arrive for pick up. We ask for a contact person to be present for the delivery and pick up if possible to properly account for items on the order.
We can accommodate orders sometimes on the same day. The less notice we have, the more flexible accommodations may need to be. We always recommend reservations be made as far in advance as possible to guarantee inventory and delivery availability.

You may be charged a labor fee if your delivery site requires rentals to be taken up stairs or if the site of delivery requires additional unforeseen labor such as restricted truck access, long hauls, or time consuming processes.   

A labor fee may apply if there is an unsuccessful attempt at delivery, and we are required to return to the premises again.  We make attempts to communicate by phone and any other available avenue if there is no response on premises.

If items are added to your order after our truck has left the building or after items are delivered a second delivery fee may apply.  

A labor fee will apply if items are still set up upon pick up. Set up and knock down services need to be contracted ahead of time.

If set up/ knock down are scheduled for a specific time and the space is not prepared for our arrival, additional fees may apply. If changes or adjustments are made on delivery, additional fees may apply. 

Reservation FAQs

Items can be reserved in person or over the phone at either of our locations. Information from a driver’s license or state ID along a security deposit is required to reserve all orders.
A security deposit is a fee above the cost of the rental. It secures your order with us and guarantees availability for your order. A security deposit is also retained during the rental until items are safely returned in adequate condition.
Yes. We will make every attempt to accommodate reasonable changes up until 1 week before delivery. Cancellations may forfeit your security deposit as items had been unavailable to other customers.
When an order is secured by deposit, the items become unavailable to all other customers. Security deposits are forfeited in the event of cancellation. We try to be accommodating and reasonable as possible regarding deposits. Instances of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances may receive deposit refunds.
Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis. It is never too early to make a reservation. The months of April- October have a much higher probability of rental items booking completely. Larger items such as tents we recommend reserving 6 months to a year in advance.