Monthly Archives: November 2013

  1. Catering Equipment Explained

    Browsing through our inventory of cooking equipment can become arduous, as we have multiple pieces of equipment to accommodate any catered event. We can accommodate both on-site and off-site applications. Here is a summary breakdown of some of the options available to you.

    We have grills of all sizes and types. We offer flat-tops & gas grills with lava rocks ranging from 36 inches to 72 inches. We also have charcoal grills for the barbeque enthusiast. All of our gas grills come with a propane tank. An event consultant will help you determine the right size based upon your estimated cooking time and serving output needs.

    Food transporters are the best ways to take your culinary creations off site. Insulated transporters are the recommended option for small events, and will fit 4 food pans to 7 sheet pans. These will keep you food hot or cold for up to 6 hrs. We have insulated and non insulated heating cabinets for larger events. These units will ho