Popcorn Machine - Antique

Attractive styling and easy mobility make these machines a popular rental choice. Popcorn supplies are kept in stock!

Attractive styling and portability make these machines a popular choice. Available in full 4 wheel cart or 2 wheel. Popcorn supplies are kept in stock!


1.) Turn on Power, Kettle switch, and option Motor/exhaust switch(if option is on machine)

2.) Allow kettle to warm for approximately 5 min.

3.) Take popcorn pack and dump oil into kettle. Let oil warm for a minute.

4.) Add 3 or 4 kernels of corn to ensure the oil is hot. You should hear a sizzle.

5.) Dump remaining packet into kettle and pull lid closed.

6.) While the corn is popping, keep front operating door slightly open to prevent fogging.

7.) Allow corn to pop until popping ceases, usually when 3-4 second lapse between pops. Then pour remaining popped corn from kettle by rotating handle clockwise 1/3 turn and pull downward

8.) Repeat steps 5-7 for additional batches. There is no need to insert “test kernels” once kettle is hot and has popped 1 pack.

9.) Turn Kettle switch and motor switch(if provided on machine)to OFF position when finished preparing popcorn. Power or Light switch may still remain ON to display and heat popcorn.

KETTLE WILL BE HOT!!! Please be sure to avoid direct contact with kettle during the popping process.

Allow kettle to cool before cleaning. Wipe out with soft towel or cloth.

***Return popcorn machine free of excess popcorn and kernels.***