Wireless Uplight - Ape Labs Maxi

Battery powered uplights

We carry the best and most feature rich uplight you can find in the Rhode Island rental market and have now upgraded to the latest and greatest Maxi version.  All of our units are completely wireless which makes setup quick and easy.  High powered LED technology makes custom colors light up any room. High capacity battery lasts your entire event with no charging. 

Simply place the lights around the room and turn them on.  We can preset the lights for you so there will be no programming needed, or we can give you a remote that is very easy to use to change colors as you wish.  

Elegant as wedding accents or thrilling as party lights.  Uplighting is a staple of any decorated event.  Save big by using our rentals.  We make it easy to do it yourself. 

Ape Labs is known to "Keep it Simple" when it comes to controlling lights. A beginner with no instructions can typically operate an Ape Labs fixture within seconds of picking up an ApeRemote or opening the app. But its simplicity does not lack in features. Two of the most famous features are "Grouping" and "MusikMode".

MusikMode will automatically create a music-based light show with the press of a button. It uses proprietary technology that analyzes the sound in the room and the total number of Ape Labs fixtures to build a constantly evolving light show. Just don't call it "Sound Active".

Ape Labs Maxi 2.0 Highlights

  • 3x 15 Watt RGBaW with AmberWhite LED technology
  • 45 Watts Single Color LUX as high as 12,370 @1 m 
  • Refreshed optics for optimal brightness without sacrificing battery life 
  • 14 hours of rechargeable battery life (all colors on, full power) 
  • Solid-state, fanless operation 
  • 29 carefully curated color presets designed for weddings & events 
  • IP65 rated for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Freestanding or mountable using the included bracket 
  •  100% designed, engineered & hand-assembled in Germany