Tiller - Hydraulic


Model 918H: Honda GX270 9HP

  • Length: 66″
  • Width: 20.75″
  • Height: 36″ 
  • Tilling Width: 18″ 
  • Weight: 460 lbs. 
  • Hydraulic Reservoir: 7.8 gallons 
  • Ground Drive Forward: 78 ft/min 
  • Ground Drive Reverse: 78 ft/min 
  • Handlebar Pivot Angle: Up to 20˚ 

All hydraulic means easy maintenance, no downtime, and the most efficient use of your horsepower to get the job done. Till effectively in small spaces by choosing an 18″ tilling width on these models. The unique swivel handlebar featured on this compact unit means you can walk alongside your tiller rather than in your freshly tilled earth. The heavy design means your tiller works for you instead of tossing you around.