Cultivator - Tiller

Cultivator - Tiller

Cultivator / Rototiller

This extra-wide rototiller is built for bigger yards and gardens, and features our unique, curvy tines that easily break
through new ground and sod, compacted soil… even hard clay. At 16″ wide, it makes short work of big yard jobs!

And even with all this width and power, the tiller weighs just 34 pounds! Once your garden is established, you’ll use the Mantis XP 16″ Tiller/Cultivator to weed it quickly and easily.

  • Over-molded grips for supreme comfort even when using the tiller in rocky soil. Ergonomically flared for maximum wrist-comfort and fatigue-free operation.
  • Wide tilling width - 16" tilling width makes it faster to create a garden or prepare an existing one for planting. 
  • Tills down 10 inches. Slices through the toughest sod or hard clay soil as easily as sand and muck. 
  • Weighs just 34 pounds. It's lightweight and much easier to maneuver than large front-tine and mid-tine tillers.
  •  Patented Serpentine Tines. Spin at up to 240 RPM and are guaranteed for a lifetime against breakage. 
  • Easy-starting powerful, Honda 4-cycle 35cc engine powers the tines twice as fast as other tillers. Requires no mixing of oil and gas.