Electric Breaker / Jack Hammer

60lb Electric Jackhammer / Breaker
Ultra-powerful and efficient, the D25980K from DEWALT is a strong, durable tool that demolishes concrete, sidewalks, and roads. A 15 amp, soft-start motor cuts down on bit walking while preventing overload, and rubber covered handles prevent fatigue so you can work longer and more comfortably. Portable for on-the-go convenience, the D25980K comes with the D259803 hand truck and steel (complete with integral hold-down strap), which makes it a snap to move this breaker from site-to-site with the steel in or out of the tool, so you won't have to take out--and risk losing--the bit. And to prevent jarring vibrations from stressing your body and sacrificing control, the D25980K features an active vibration control system. This kit comes with the D25980 pavement breaker and the D259803 hammer truck and steel, and these contain: one bullpoint chisel, one one-inch flat chisel, one three-inch flat chisel, flat foot plate for the hammer truck, and one pegged foot plate for the hammer truck. 61 Ft-lbs impact energy provides maximum performance Shocks active vibration control reduces vibration up to 70 percent, increasing user comfort and productivity 15 amp motor provides maximum power and overload protection Electronic soft start increases productivity by reducing bit walking