Alto Shaam

Heating Cabinet - Alto Shaam

Alto-Shaam - Single compartment holding cabinet

Thanks to its innovative Halo Heat System, the Alto-Shaam 500-S hot holding cabinet keeps hot foods at safe, even temperatures while retaining as much moisture as possible!

Other holding cabinets use fans to circulate warm air throughout the cavity, creating a drying effect. Some may even use steam to compensate for this air movement, but that can rob your foods of flavor. The Halo Heat System utilizes unique, electric thermal cable that's wrapped around three sides of the cabinet, providing a gentle, radiant heat source for your food, with no cold or hot spots, or air movement to dry out your food! As a result, the Halo Heat system preserves food quality longer, resulting in less waste!

Pan Capacity: Up to (6) full size 2 1/2" deep food pans

Interior Dimensions: Width: 14 1/2" Depth: 21 1/2" Height: 20 1/4"

Temperature Range: 60 - 200 Degrees Fahrenheit

1000W / 120V / 8.5Amps


Use temperature control panel to set desired holding temperature.

Allow unit to reach temperature BEFORE adding product.

Product to be held in Alto Shaam must come directly from oven/cooking source. 

***This item is not intended to cook items. To be used as a holding cabinet only***