Super World - Frame Game

Super World - Frame Game

7' x 7' frame game with launchers

Take aim and stomp on the launchers sending your favorite plush plumbers into the pipes. Kids and adults alike will love playing this launcher style frame game.

Frame games are typically customer installed and directions are provided. This game has approximately a five minute setup time and is very simple.

Assembly Instructions

1.) Select a level are to set up and operate gameĀ 

2.) Assemble framework, per sketch. Note that the eight longer pieces of tubing are used to form the sides, using 1 "A" pole(male) and 1 "B" pole(female). . The 4 shorter pieces with caps are to be used to create the base.

Be sure to tighten the bolts on the 4 way fittingsĀ 

3.) Attach canvas to the framework using the velcro straps.