Radiant Infrared Heater

Radiant Infrared Heaters

Radiant heaters use kerosene or diesel fuel to produce a cleaner combustion and super high efficiency rate compared to traditional heaters. Radiant heaters are not affected by wind and can be used in ventilated indoor spaces. 

Radiant heat is characterized by the absence of moving air, the flame generated by the burner heats the front plate which reaches high temperatures and projects heat outward. Our infrared diesel heaters also have an embedded burner with dedicated fan for a cleaner combustion. This helps to burn and stop all combustion residues, guaranteeing a clean combustion and 99.9% efficiency. Their versatile use allows them to heat objects and spaces more efficiently than traditional heat sources.

Val 6 - Units 55m btu - 115m btu

  • Advantages RADIANT HEAT – Heat penetrates evenly like heat from sunlight. 
  • OUTDOOR USE – VAL6 is not affected by wind, unlike forced air heaters that suffer from heat loss in the ambient air. 
  • HEAT TRANSFER – VAL6 generates infrared heat directly to the object without any air movement creating a dust-free comfortable environment.
  • ODORLESS – A clean combustion system produces no odor or smoke while running. 
  • ENERGY SAVINGS – VAL6’s state of the art combustion chamber enables virtually 100% fuel to energy conversion.