Quarterback Toss - Frame Game

7' x 7' frame game with accessories

The Quarterback Toss frame game is a winner at any sporting event, fund raiser, or carnival. Colorful vinyl backdrop and netted holes create a draw for any football fan.

Frame games are typically customer installed and directions are provided. This game has approximately a five minute setup time.

Assembly Instructions

1.) Select a level are to set up and operate game 

2.) Assemble framework, per sketch. Note that the eight longer pieces of tubing are used to form the sides, using 1 "A" pole(male) and 1 "B" pole(female). . The 4 shorter pieces with caps are to be used to create the base.

Be sure to tighten the bolts on the 4 way fittings 

3.) Attach canvas to the frame work using the velcro straps.