Battle the Blaze - Frame Game

Battle the Blaze - Frame Game

7' x 7' frame game

A firefighter themed game where you take aim at flame targets that are burning a building. This knock down game comes with bean bags, but water balloons can also be used as a fun alternative (not provided).

Frame games are typically customer installed and directions are provided. This game has approximately a 10 - 15 minute setup time

Battle The Blaze 

Assembly Instructions:

1.) Select a level area to operate game that is level and clear of obstacles.

2.) Insert the 4 "A" pipes into the 4 "B" pipes creating  7' lengths.

3.) Slide 2 Tee fittings onto two of the 7' lengths.

4.) Use these 4 7' lengths to form a square. Use the 2 elbow fittings for the top corners and 2 four way fittings for the bottom corners.. Please note: The tee fittings go on the sides. The tee fitting joins the front frame to the back frame.

5.) Place the "C" pipes into the 4 way fittings at the back of the game. These create the base. (Be sure to tighten down the fittings using the small bolts on them.)

6.) Insert the "D" pipes into the ends of both Tee fittings and the ends of the Four way fittings on the bottom of the frame.

7.) Place the remaining Elbow fittings on the ends of the bottom "D" pipes and insert 2 "B" pipes into these tee fittings vertically. 

8. Slide the left sided and right sided flames onto the E pipe. Slide the 3 way fitting and secure with clip. Slide the remaining flame onto the "F" pipe and insert the "E" pipe into the "F" pipe. 

9.) Attach the canvas to the framework using the Velcro Straps.