Aluminum Brake - 10'

Aluminum Brake - 10ft

Van Mark's TM10 portable siding brake is used to bend aluminum trim coil (3003 H14), light galvanized steel, and copper for residential siding, roofing, window and gutter installation.  Includes wheeled stand and trim cutter

The TM10 is lightweight and portable and very easy to operate and maintain. Ideal for the intricate bending needed to install siding and windows.

Powerslot hinge system for 5/8'' or larger bends

Patented cam-lock system self adjusts to any material thickness

Dual base rails and reinforced hollow core power lock bar for superior clamping pressure

Quick release full loop bending and locking handles and built in carry handles for easy use

High performance self lubricating wedge pads and bearings eliminate metal to metal friction

Adjustable wedge pads for fine tuning of locking pressure