Runner - Floralace

Rolls of transparent fabric in a white lace pattern. Comes in various sizes and is disposable.

Cake Stand - Crystal

Silver plated cake stands in round and square styles. Has a modern styling great for weddings and elegant events.

Candelabra - Brass

Different brass candelabras available.

Crystal Vase

Our crystal display stand is a great centerpiece or area accent piece. Embedded crystals create a shiny effect and can be used in a variety of themes elegant to modern.

Arch - Metal

Different styles of our metal arches available for rent.

Arch - White Wood

3 Piece white wooden arch.

Cake Display

4 column cake display stand (18"H)

Cake Stand - Gold

Gold Cake stands available for rental.

Cake Stand - Silver

Silver cake stands available for rental in a variety of sizes.

Cake Stand - White

White Cake Stands available for rent in a variety of sizes and styles.

Candelabra - Victorian

Various models of our Victorian Candelabras. Often used as centerpieces, aisle barriers, or column toppers.

Card Holder - Bird Cage

Metal card holder shaped as a bird cage.

Card Holder - Clear Lucite Boxes

Various Clear Lucite Card Boxes

Card Holder - Oversized Martini Glass

35" Martini glass is great as a display piece or card holder.

Card Holder - Wicker Bell

Bell shaped wedding card holder made of white wicker wood.

Card Holder - Wishing Wells

Various Wishing Well card holders.

Chuppah / Wedding Canopy

Metal Canopy structures or Chuppahs commonly seen in wedding ceremonies.

Display - White Fence

White balustrade display fence available for rent.

Display - Water Fountain

48" Tall Faux Granite Water Fountain.

Display - Lighted Columns

32" Lighted Display Columns for rent

Display - White Bench

White garden bench display. Can be used as a seat or as part of a display.

Display - White Colonnade Arch

9 piece white colonadde arch creates a great wraparound display scene.

Display - White Columns

Decorative white roman style columns. They come in various sizes.


Single and double white kneelers. Available in different styles.

Light - Garden

Small white lights commonly used for accenting. Runs off of citronella oil

Photo Booth

Portable state of the art touchscreen photo booth available for rent. Full customization, props, clear sleeves, delivery and pickup in a nice affordable package.

Stand, Guest Book

Great for use a display or to encourage signing of guest books. Brings guest books to a comfortable signing height.

Stand - Wicker

Can be used to hold or display floral arrangements.

Stand, Flower

Great to give height to floral arrangements.

Vase - Clear

Various clear floral vases.

Vase - Trumpet

25" Trumpet vases in brown, gold, and silver.

Candelabra - Willow Single

Single willow candle holder. Sturdy and attractive.

Candelabra - Willow

Willow shaped candelabra. Unique and popular. Very sturdy and elegant.

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