Waterslide - 18 Foot

This medium sized rental unit is great for all ages. It can be used wet or dry. Has a splash pool

Speaker - Wireless PA System

Small speaker with a powerful punch. This Behringer unit is battery powered, lightweight, and simple to use.

Bounce House - Pink Cottage

Inflatable bounce unit shaped as a pink cottage house. Great rental unit for children's parties.

Giant Toppling Tower

A great giant game rental. Similar to the popular game Jenga, this toppling tower gets over 5 feet high.

Carpet Runners

20' Sections of carpet runners availble for rent. Popular for red carpet entrances or hollywood themes.

Light - H20 Water Effects

Great effect like that simulates the light bouncing effect of water. This unit is lightweight and easy to use. Big bang for the buck effect. Popular for DJs, nightclubs, weddings, shows, and events.

Light - Swarm 5FX

Swarm 5FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green lasers, white strobe effects and RGBAW rotating derby effects into one fixture.


Capture stunning video footage at high frame rate with this well known action camera.

Light - Wireless Uplights

Wireless uplight units available for rent. Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. Wireless controls and powerful LEDs.

Light - Headbanger

Motorized 180 degree moving head with 7 - 10W RGBW LEDs. This unit has great action and is easy to use in sound mode with built in programs.

Haze Generator

Rent the haze generator to create an atmosphere that adds dimension and atmosphere to all types of lights. Available for rental

Mighty Loader - Bounce House Slide Combo

Oversized inflatable bouncer and slide shaped like an equipment loader.

Bounce House - Frozen

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf appear on the front of this frozen themed bounce house. Bounce Houses are great for kids parties, cookouts, and outdoor gatherings.

Speakers - Electro-Voice, ZLX15

Speaker rental available for medium and larger venues. This model is great for a wide variety of uses including music and vocalization such as DJ services or PA system rentals.

Light - UV Bar

Ultraviolet wash light available for rent. The UV Bar is a simple to use UV wash light. It has wash and strobe functions that are easily controlled by the included IR remote.

Light - UV Cannon

Hi powered ultraviolet wash light available for rent. The UV Cannon can wash a large space and has multiple functions including DMX, strobe, and pulse.

Fan - Cool Box

The cool box is a portable evaporative cooling fan that lowers ambient temperature in a 1350 sq ft area by 10 - 25 Degrees.

Projector - Short Throw

Short throw projectors are great for maximizing space and setup. They can project a large image from almost directly underneath the surface. This eliminated shadows, allows for pointing, and reduces tripping hazards with wires.

Game - Cornhole Set

Set of two official ACA regulation boards and bags with custom graphics.

Light - Geyser Fog Machine / Uplight Combo

This is a dramatic effects unit that shoots fog 15 feet in the air and illuminates it with an LED uplighted base.

Bed - Rollaway

We carry many portable beds and carts for the hotel industry or special events.

Vintage Wine Barrel Stand

Aged vintage wooden wine barrels available for rent. See our decoration and themed accessories in our showroom.

Barrel, Trash (Waste)

50 Gallon trash receptacles with wheels and lid. Helps keep trash or waste under control at your event.

Coat Racks - Folding

50 or 100 count coat racks available for rent.

Easels - Various Styles

Natural Wood and Metal easels available for rent

Fans - Various

Various styles and sizes of fans available for rent

Lectern / Podium

Oak Wood or Grey carpeted podiums. Different styles include various speaker and microphone setups.

Projector Screen

60" - 80" with tripod base

Cappuccino Machine

Enjoy fresh cappuccino anytime with our 3 flavor hot cappucino machine. Can be used as a self contained unit with water reservoir, or hooked up to a 1/4' water line. We carry different flavors of Cappuccino mix for your convenience.

Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Industrial grade Sephra Chocolate Fountains for rent. Available in multiple sizes. Commonly used at weddings, parties, and showers.

Cotton Candy Machine

A great addition to any party or event. Cotton Candy machines are portable, easy to use, and low cost. We have many different flavors of floss and many different supplies available to complement your machine.

Frozen Drink Machine

We carry many different flavors of slush mix for your machine. Simply mix one of our flavored bases with water and put it into the machine. Now you are ready to enjoy great-tasting, frozen drinks.

Hot Dog Roaster - Electric

We carry industry leading concession equipment. Our hotdog roaster has a rotisserie assembly and overhead Bun Warmer.

Hot Dog Roller

Hot Dog Rollers keep your food warm and evenly cooked. We carry industry leading concession equipment.

Hot Dog Steamer

These table top Hot Dog steamers have unique styling, and compartments for both Hot Dogs and Buns.

Popcorn Machine - Antique

Attractive styling and easy mobility make these machines a popular rental choice. Popcorn supplies are kept in stock!

Popcorn Machine - Tabletop

These table top machines are great for small to medium sized events. We carry industry leading concession machines, along with many supplies.

Pretzel - Oven / Warmer

Now you can cook and hold pretzels in the same unit. Proper humidified warming compartment. Holds 48-50 jumbo soft pretzels.

Pretzel Machine Display

Show off your product through the lexan windowed case. Motorized pretzel rack creates a nice spinning animation.

Pucker Powder Machine

Pucker Powders' mission is to create fun interactive candy products. Use the Pucker Powder machine to mix and match sour powders and create wild tasty designs Party Kit prices available on request.

Sno-Kone Machine

Sno-Kone Machines are a very popular party enhancer. Easy to transport and operate. We carry many different flavors of Sno-Kone syrups and supplies.

Convection Oven - Tabletop

Large versatile electric half size 2 pan convection oven with clear glass door and stainless max finish for smaller throughput applications. 1.6kW. 110V - single phase 15 amp circuit XL - 5 Chrome-plated racks / 11 rack position. Solid state manu

Grill - Charcoal Grill

Plain Charcoal grill available in 3' or 5' lengths. Just put charcoal in the base and fire it up. Legs are screw-in and removable for easy transportation. Rental comes with raised cooking rack.

Grill - Flat Top Griddle

Propane gas flat top griddles available in a variety of sizes.

Grill - Gas Charcoal

Propane gas grill with adjustable valves. Each section is filled with lava rocks which prevent flareup and even heat dissipation.

Grill / Stove Combo

Propane Gas Grill with a single burner stove unit on the end. Grated sections are filled with lava rocks to prevent flare up and improve heat dispersion.

Grill - Gas Charcoal with Hood

Our traditional propane gas grills with an additional half or full hood attachment.

Heating Cabinet

Available in insulated or non insulated. Keeps prepared foods stored and warm. Often used for storage and transportation for catered events.

Oven - Cook and Hold

Alto-Shaam - Single compartment, easily transportable, holding cabinet with 22 gauge stainless steel door. Has adjustable temperature knob with a temperature range of 60° to 200°F. Hatco Cook and Hold - Designed for high yield meat roasting, steaming,

Oven - Smoker

Smoker oven can cook up to 30lbs of heavy meat cuts or 15lbs of ribs. Maximum 10 ounces of wood allowed in wood box.

Towable Pig Roaster

Towable unit can be used as a propane gas cooker, charcoal oven, or combination. Cooks up to 125# pig.

Stove - Propane

Our single and double burner propane stoves. Available in different sizes and outputs.

Stove - Butane Cassette

One burner butane cassette stove rentals. Used for table side cooking. Weight capacity of 5lbs

Stove/Oven Combo

Available in 4 burner or 6 burner styles.

Bounce House/Slide Combo - Wall-E

A special inflatable combo unit. This inflatable has a slide, bounce house, and basketball hoop all included within. The exterior is the familiar appearance of Pixar's Wall-E character. Children and Adults alike will enjoy this large, spacious unit.

Bounce House - Batman

This 12' x 13' inflatable bounce castle is themed with Batman graphics and colors. Our high quality inflatables can hold over 600lbs and are fun for people of any age.

Bounce House - Castle

The basic inflatable castle. Great fun for all types of events. 10' model is intended for children 5 and under.

Bounce House - Princess

This 12' x 13' inflatable bounce castle is themed with various Disney Princesses. Our high quality inflatables can hold over 600lbs and are fun for people of any age.

Waterslide - 20 Foot Large Slide

One of our larger waterslides. This model has a high climb and steeper drop than most inflatable slides. Large unit with bright colors really is a sight to see. Great for all ages including adults.

Bounce House - Pirates

This 12' x 13' inflatable bounce castle has a Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Theme. Our high quality inflatables can hold over 600lbs and are fun for people of any age.

Bounce House - Scooby Doo

This 12' x 13' inflatable bounce castle, is themed with Scooby Doo designs and graphics. Our high quality inflatables can hold over 600lbs and are fun for people of any age.

Bounce House - Sesame Street

This 12' x 13' inflatable bounce castle is themed with Sesame Street characters and colors. Our high quality inflatables can hold over 600lbs and are fun for people of any age.

Bounce House - Speed Racer

This extra wide 16'x 11.4 inflatable features a castle style structure, with a speed racer car ceiling. This Fun House is capable of supporting over 600lbs, and is made of industry leading materials.

Bounce House - Superman

This 12' x 13' inflatable bounce castle is themed with Superman graphics and colors. Our high quality inflatables can hold over 600lbs and are fun for people of any age.

Game - Basketball

Great for two players. Start with three basketball on each end. When players successfully shoot a basket, the balls are routed to the other players side. The first person to get rid of all basketballs on their side is the winner.

Game - Football

Inflatable interactive football toss competition. Balls return automatically via net system. Head to head action lets you play at the same time with a friend or foe!

Game - Hooleyball

Toss dodgeball like balls through 3 separate holes in the backdrop Can be played in the same fashion as the basketball where players race to get rid of all balls on each side. Also can be played like the old game Gnip Gnop.

Game - Skee Ball

The classic arcade and carnival game as an awesome inflatable game. Challenge a friend or play alone. Use a set number of rolls and keep track of points using Velcro scoring tabs on each side.

Game - Tee Ball

Ball is placed onto an upwards air stream. The ball will float into the air adding some challenge with a little up and down motion. Players attempt to hit the ball into the holes in the backdrop.

Sky Dancer

Sky Dancers are attention getting inflatables. Hook them on to the included fan setup and they inflate high into the sky and move around wildly.

Waterslide - Lil Splash

The Lil Splash Waterslide is a popular summer item. An 11.5 foot high slide turns wet and wild when connected to a water source. Dip at the end of slide collects water and creates a splashing effect.

Slip and Slide

Dive onto the slip and slide for a fun and wet experience. With 30 feet of slippery track and an inflatable base these high quality slip and slides are a customer favorite.

Bounce House/Slide Combo - Castle

This unit is larger than our typical bounce house. It has an interior jump area that has access to a slide that goes to the exterior. A great balance of two different units in one.

Obstacle Course - 45'

Jump, crawl, climb, squeeze and slide your way through our camouflage pattern 45' obstacle course. This 2-lane course is the perfect race / competition inflatable.

Bubble Machine

Creates a flurry of bubbles using rotating wands and fan units. Great for kids parties or atmosphere effects.

Ficus Tree

Ficus Trees available for event rentals

Fog Machine

Medium sized high output fog machine. Available with remote for speed and duration controls.

Helium Tank

Small and large helium tanks available for rent.

Disco / Mirror Ball with turner

Disco style mirror ball with turner for rent.

Palm Tree - Silk

Artificial palm trees great for Hawaiian or beach themes.

Chair - Thrones

Oversized throne chair. This is a great piece for recognizing someone special. Often used for bachelor / bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthdays, photo ops, or anything that demands a center of attention.

Baseball Toss

A game of accuracy, toss the ball at the backdrop and try and hit the holes in the backdrop!

Big Splash Water Game

Big Splash is a fun water game suitable for all ages. The game could be described as a dunk tank replacement. The dunkee sits underneath a bucket of water. People throw balls trying to hit a target which releases the bucket over the person.

Game - Bingo

Bingo game includes a hand cranked spinning wheel with ball chute. Numbered balls automatically are grabbed and pulled one at a time when wheel is spun.

Game - Boom Blaster

Boom Blaster is a Balloon Popping Race Game. Each racer pushes up and down on a pump unit filling their balloon as fast as possible. The first person to burst their balloon is the winner. Great for all ages.

Dunk Tank - Towable

Dunk Tanks have been entertaining crowds for years. They are a leading money maker at fairs, carnivals, and fundraisers or an entertainment staple for parties or events. Our towable units are easy to transport and set-up.

Easy Striker Bell Ringer Game

Easy Striker is a trailer-mounted version of the classic ring-the-bell carnival midway game. It has long been a huge hit at company picnics, block parties, and fireman's fairs. Trailer mounted for ease of transport and a 2 minute setup.

The Fun Spinner - Spin Art

Paint is dropped onto a spinning card in the machine to create unique artwork designs! A larger version similar to the classic spin art toy. ? We carry cards and paint but are sold separately from the machine rental.

Game - Can Smash

The classic carnival game now available as a table top rental.

Game - Kaplunk

Drop a round plastic chip into the top of the Kaplunk game and it will bounce through a tall layer of pegs to a random spot at the bottom of the unit. Great for various types of chance games.

Game - Over Under

The object of the game is to roll balls down the length of the unit into the desired numbered holes. Often seen as a game of skill at carnivals.

Game - Ring Toss

The classic game of Ring-Toss provided in a table top unit. Game and rings included.

Game - Space Monster Shooter

A graphical backdrop and alien props all contain circular targets. Shoot the targets with the supplied Nerf gun to score different point values.

Game - Stand A Bottle

A classic carnival game with a simple concept. However not such a simple task. Attempt to stand the bottle up in the play area circle using the wand and ring provided.

Game - Table Launcher

Tabletop toss game. Use the spring-loaded launcher to fling small critters into the air to their designated targets. Game is attached to a 6' long table and designed with colorful glossy graphics.

Game - Tic Tac Toe

The classic game of Tic Tac Toe in a table top toss game. Players take turns tossing balls or bags into the unit. First person to get three in a row wins!

Game - Tip A Jug

The classic carnival game, now available as a tabletop rental. Toss bean bags at the jugs to try and knock them over.

Kiddie Striker

The classic carnival style smash game, this unit is smaller and intended for children. Simply use the mallet to hit platform and send a piece flying up the unit. Try to ring the bell or get as high as possible.

Lawn Games - Various

Various classic lawn games great for social gatherings, parties, or any outdoor events.

Pit Stop Challenge

Pit Stop Challenge brings all of the energy and excitement of Stock Car Racing to any party or event. Challengers race against the clock in a frantic effort to have the fastest tire change time.

Raffle Drum

Large raffle drum with manual turn lever and front loading door.

Spinning Wheels

Two styles of spinning wheels available. Great for games, raffles, and prizes.

Volleyball Kit

A basic Volleyball kit which includes a net and ball. Great for outdoor gatherings, cookouts, and parties.

Double Shot Basketball

Arcade style basketball shootout with infrared optics electronic scoring. Wider than traditional shootout units. These units are great for cookouts, parties, and active events. Uses standard electrical plug outlet.

Bull Horn

Bull Horn rentals are popular for voice amplification. Often referred to as a megaphone, these devices can amplify and project sound waves in a pointed direction.

Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines are great entertainment for parties, social gatherings, or promotion events. Our rental machine is easy to use, portable, and full of features.

Light - Par LED

LED lights with wash or color mixing capabilities. Often used for tent accents, uplighting, or highlighting of an area.

Light - Pin Spot

Plain white spotlight

Light - Strobe

Chauvet Strobe Light Rental with independent speed control and AC power hookup.

Projector - All In One

Our Epson Moviemate unit combines a projector, DVD player, and speakers into one unit. Perfect for backyard movies, DVD slideshows, or presentations.

Projector - HD DLP

DLP Technology by Texas Instruments with BrilliantColor Technology 2500 Lumens produce a bright, crisp image Produces mind-boggling 3D images for high intensity gaming! Complete on-screen menu adjustments in 23 languages Native 720P widesreen resoluti

Projector - Older Styles

8 mm,16 mm with Sound, Opaque, Overhead

Light - GOBO Projector

Gobo Projector Rental - This unit is often used to project large names at a wedding or logos for promotional events.

Light - Galaxian Laser

Small unit that covers a very large area with red and blue lasers in a moving pattern. Great for parties, dance floors / ceilings.

Screen - 10 Foot

Indoor or Outdoor projector screen has a 120" surface. Easy to transport at only 47lbs and easy to construct (10 minute setup). Very popular for a backyard movie setup.

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