Light - Wireless Uplights

Wireless uplight units available for rent. Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. Wireless controls and powerful LEDs.
  • Price per unit - $40
  • Case Price - $35

We have upgraded our uplight units to the best and most feature rich uplight you can find in the Rhode Island rental market.  All of our units are completely wireless which makes setup quick and easy.  High powered LED technology makes custom colors light up any room. 

Simply place the lights around the room and turn them on.  We can preset the lights for you so there will be no programming needed. If you are renting a large amount and want customization and on the fly changes, ask us about our remote or wireless board options.  

Elegant as wedding accents or thrilling as party lights.  Uplighting is a staple of any decorated event.  Save big by using our rentals.  We make it easy to do it yourself. 




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