Convection Oven - Tabletop

Large versatile electric half size 2 pan convection oven with clear glass door and stainless max finish for smaller throughput applications. 1.6kW. 110V - single phase 15 amp circuit XL - 5 Chrome-plated racks / 11 rack position. Solid state manu

Grill - Charcoal Grill

Plain Charcoal grill available in 3' or 5' lengths. Just put charcoal in the base and fire it up. Legs are screw-in and removable for easy transportation. Rental comes with raised cooking rack.

Grill - Flat Top Griddle

Propane gas flat top griddles available in a variety of sizes.

Grill - Gas Charcoal

Propane gas grill with adjustable valves. Each section is filled with lava rocks which prevent flareup and even heat dissipation.

Grill / Stove Combo

Propane Gas Grill with a single burner stove unit on the end. Grated sections are filled with lava rocks to prevent flare up and improve heat dispersion.

Grill - Gas Charcoal with Hood

Our traditional propane gas grills with an additional half or full hood attachment.

Heating Cabinet

Available in insulated or non insulated. Keeps prepared foods stored and warm. Often used for storage and transportation for catered events.

Oven - Cook and Hold

Alto-Shaam - Single compartment, easily transportable, holding cabinet with 22 gauge stainless steel door. Has adjustable temperature knob with a temperature range of 60° to 200°F. Hatco Cook and Hold - Designed for high yield meat roasting, steaming,

Oven - Smoker

Smoker oven can cook up to 30lbs of heavy meat cuts or 15lbs of ribs. Maximum 10 ounces of wood allowed in wood box.

Towable Pig Roaster

Towable unit can be used as a propane gas cooker, charcoal oven, or combination. Cooks up to 125# pig.

Stove - Propane

Our single and double burner propane stoves. Available in different sizes and outputs.

Stove - Butane Cassette

One burner butane cassette stove rentals. Used for table side cooking. Weight capacity of 5lbs

Stove/Oven Combo

Available in 4 burner or 6 burner styles.

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