Glasses - Brandy Snifter 9 oz

9oz Brandy Snifters available for rent

Glasses - Champagne

Multiple sizes and styles of champagne glasses available for rent.

Glasses - Crystal Stemware

Crystal glassware set available for rent. Higher end, heavy glass crystal design.

Glasses - Dessert

Various glasses designed with dessert in mind.

Glasses - HighBall

8oz or 11oz sizes available

Glasses - Iced Tea 12oz

10oz Iced Tea glass

Glasses - Irish Coffee Mug

Irish Coffee Mug 8oz

Glasses - Juice 5oz

Small 5oz juice glass

Glasses - Martini

10oz martini glass

Glasses - Old Flat Rocks

5oz or 10oz old fashioned rocks glasses

Glasses - Small / Shot

Small glasses like decanters, cordials, cocktail, and shot glasses

Glasses - Water Goblet

10oz Water Goblet glasses available for rental

Glasses - Wine

Wine glasses in variety of sizes and styles available for rental

Wine Carafe

1 liter wine carafes for rental.

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