Aerosol Striper

Aerosol Line Stripers available for rent

Aluminum Tools

Aluminum Bender available for rent. Create unlimited custom trim shapes on the job site.

Automatic Oiler - Plumbing

Plumbing tools available for rent.

Drill Press - Magnetic

magnetic drill press available for rental.

Drill - Hand Held

Hand Tools available for rent. Electric Reverse 1/2", VSR Drill 1/2", Cordless 3/8", Right Angle 1/2", 18V Cordless 1/2", Hand Held Core

Electric Wall Steamer

Electric Wall Steamers available for rent

Grinder - Electric

7" and 9" Electric Grinder Rentals

Hammer - Rotary

10lb Rotary Demo Hammer available for rent

Heat Gun - Wallpaper

Wallpaper Heat Gun available for rent

Insulation Blower

Insulation Blowers available for rent

Kinetic Water Ram

Kinetic Water Ram and other plumbing tools available for rent.

Laminate Trimmer

Laminate Trimmers available for rent

Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers, compressors, and accessories available for rent.

Pipe Thawer - Plumbing

Plumbing tools available for rent

Pipe Threader - Plumbing

Various sizes ranging from 1/2" - 4". Power Threaders available

Electric Plane

Hand-Held Plane 2", 3-1/8", & 6-3/4", Thickness Planer 12-1/2".

Plumbing - Hand Tools

Plumbing tools available for rent.

Power Drive Vice

2" Power Drive Vice available for rent

Power Snake

Ranging from 1/4" - 3/4" and 25' - 100'. Some of our snakes are self propelled, and our inventory is consistently updated with the best products.

Router - Electric 1-1/2 HP

Electric 1-1/2 HP Router Available for rent

Sander - Hand Held

Orbital, Block, Drywall, and polisher sanders available for rent

Circular Saw

Circular saws available for rent up to 8 1/4"

Compound Mitre Saw

Compound Mitre Saws available for rent

Porta-Band Saw

Porta-Band Saw and other tools available for rent

Sabre / Jig Saw,

Jig Saw and other hand tools available for rent

Spiral Saw

Resale Item.

Table Saw

10" Table Saw with Stand available for rent

Reciprocating Sawzall

Reciprocating 2 Speed Cordless Sawzall available for rent.

Drywall Screwdriver

Drywall Screwdriver available for rent


Various electric and gas welders available for rent

Impact Wrench

Electric impact wrenches in 1/2" and 3/4" sizes available for rental.

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