Floor - Black & White

Black and white dance floor with an attractive slate appearance. The floor comes in 3' x 3' sections. Great rental option for a variety of events. Can be built as a single color or alternating checker black and white design.

Runner - Floralace

Rolls of transparent fabric in a white lace pattern. Comes in various sizes and is disposable.

Bench - 8 Foot Wooden

8 foot solid wooden bench. Light Walnut finish. Popular with rustic and barn style themes.

Table - Picnic Table

6 foot folding white picnic table with attached benches. Unit folds flat for easy transport and storage.


Our stage features a grey carpeting, black colored heavy metal frame, and adjustable metal legs.

Chair - Chiavari

Elegant ballroom style chair commonly seen in weddings and other upscale events. Available in a variety of colors and materials. Rhode Islands largest rental inventory.

Visa - Cotton / Poly Blend

Quality Rental's selection of visa tablecloths in various colors and sizes. This cotton / polyester blend is the most common and cost effective rental linen. We have the largest in house rental linen inventory in Rhode Island.

Cooler - Rolling Ice Bin

Cambro ice bin with wheels and lid. Great for catering services or storing beverages.

Chair - Garden

These folding chairs are the most popular option for elegant outdoor events. Often seen in wedding ceremonies, bridal showers, or where formal appearances are preferred. Has a thin padded seat. Quality Rental has Rhode Island's largest rental inventory.

Charger Plates - Glass / Acrylic

Charger Rentals - 13" acrylic charger plates available in glass and acrylic. Special orders available on request.

Flatware - Shangarila

Heavy Duty 18/10 Stainless Steel flatware pattern available for rental

Furniture - White Leather

White leather event furniture rental options. Great for weddings, parties, and lounge stations.

Metal Barricades

High quality 8' metal interlocking barricades. Great for crowd control or traffic control.

Table - Harvest Farm

8 foot solid wood farm tables. Popular with rustic or barn style themes. Light walnut finish.

Cake Stand - Crystal

Silver plated cake stands in round and square styles. Has a modern styling great for weddings and elegant events.

Chandelier - 21 Light Brass

Large and elegant brass chandelier piece. Used inside tents of upscale events.

Candelabra - Brass

Different brass candelabras available.


Quality Rental's selection of napkins. We have one of the largest in house rental linen inventories in Rhode Island.

Century Pole Tents

Commonly referred to as wedding tents, pole tents, or tall peak tents. These are elegant pole tents that require tension staking around the perimeter. They are typically used on grass or other surfaces where staking is fine.

Crystal Vase

Our crystal display stand is a great centerpiece or area accent piece. Embedded crystals create a shiny effect and can be used in a variety of themes elegant to modern.

Pipe and Drape

Pipe and Drape kits in various colors. Great for backdrops, convention style booths, tunnels, and more.

Room Dividers / Privacy Screen

4 Section white plastic panel divider

Stanchion - Chrome

Chrome stanchions with either the tradition rope barrier or retractable belt.


Used for securing tents where traditional staking is not allowed.

Tent Heater

We carry propane tent heating units that will heat any size tent we offer. Heating units come with adjustable thermostats.

Lights - Globe Pedestal / Chandelier

Apollo style globe lights upright on a pedestal stand up hanging as a chandelier.

Lights - Apollo Globe

Apollo Globe lights are typically hung around the perimeter of the tent to provide lighting for night events.

Arch - Metal

Different styles of our metal arches available for rent.

Arch - White Wood

3 Piece white wooden arch.

Cake Display

4 column cake display stand (18"H)

Cake Stand - Gold

Gold Cake stands available for rental.

Cake Stand - Silver

Silver cake stands available for rental in a variety of sizes.

Cake Stand - White

White Cake Stands available for rent in a variety of sizes and styles.

Candelabra - Victorian

Various models of our Victorian Candelabras. Often used as centerpieces, aisle barriers, or column toppers.

Card Holder - Bird Cage

Metal card holder shaped as a bird cage.

Card Holder - Clear Lucite Boxes

Various Clear Lucite Card Boxes

Card Holder - Oversized Martini Glass

35" Martini glass is great as a display piece or card holder.

Card Holder - Wicker Bell

Bell shaped wedding card holder made of white wicker wood.

Card Holder - Wishing Wells

Various Wishing Well card holders.

Chuppah / Wedding Canopy

Metal Canopy structures or Chuppahs commonly seen in wedding ceremonies.

Display - White Fence

White balustrade display fence available for rent.

Display - Water Fountain

48" Tall Faux Granite Water Fountain.

Display - Lighted Columns

32" Lighted Display Columns for rent

Display - White Bench

White garden bench display. Can be used as a seat or as part of a display.

Display - White Colonnade Arch

9 piece white colonadde arch creates a great wraparound display scene.

Display - White Columns

Decorative white roman style columns. They come in various sizes.


Single and double white kneelers. Available in different styles.

Light - Garden

Small white lights commonly used for accenting. Runs off of citronella oil

Photo Booth

Portable state of the art touchscreen photo booth available for rent. Full customization, props, clear sleeves, delivery and pickup in a nice affordable package.

Stand, Guest Book

Great for use a display or to encourage signing of guest books. Brings guest books to a comfortable signing height.

Stand - Wicker

Can be used to hold or display floral arrangements.

Stand, Flower

Great to give height to floral arrangements.

Vase - Clear

Various clear floral vases.

Vase - Trumpet

25" Trumpet vases in brown, gold, and silver.

Candelabra - Willow Single

Single willow candle holder. Sturdy and attractive.

Candelabra - Willow

Willow shaped candelabra. Unique and popular. Very sturdy and elegant.

Floor - Dark Parquet

A more stylish and elegant option of flooring. Dark parquet floor offers a unique pattern, dark wood finish, and visual appeal.

Floor - Ikadan

An attractive, economical, and durable flooring solution for outdoor events. Ikadan flooring is a perfect under tent or outdoor floor at a practical cost.

Floor - Light Parquet

Parquet flooring is a step up in quality over plain wood. Alternating patterns and a light wood grain finish make this an attractive choice.

Stage Accessories

Various accessories to complement our stage rental equipment.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are free standing metal structures. They can be used on any surface and have no interior poles. They are the most versatile and commonly rented style of tent.

Customer Canopy Tent

These tents are designed for easy setup on grass or soft surfaces. Great covering for small/medium size gatherings. Different sizes and colors available. Watch the attached video for installation instructions.

China - White Square Dinnerware

Our square pattern is more rigid and modern. A bright white color and sharper design create a trendy appealing pattern.

China - White Dinnerware

A basic white china. We carry a large inventory of this popular style. Economical and attractive.

Flatware - Deluxe

Stainless steel flatware pattern

Flatware - Quality

Stainless steel flatware pattern. Many different pieces are available.

Flatware - Silver Plated

Silver coated flatware pattern. Many different pieces are available for rent in this pattern.

Glass - Accessories

Glass dinnerware accessories available for rent.

Glass - Bowls

Glass bowls in various sizes

Glass - Dinnerware

Clear glass dinnerware with different sizes and styles available for rent.

Platinum - Dinnerware

White porcelain dinnerware with a silver rim with a swirling design.

Porcelain - Bowls

Our white porcelain set contains different sizes of bowls.

Porcelain - Dinnerware

Plain white porcelain dinnerware. Available with many different size pieces.

Glasses - Brandy Snifter 9 oz

9oz Brandy Snifters available for rent

Glasses - Champagne

Multiple sizes and styles of champagne glasses available for rent.

Glasses - Crystal Stemware

Crystal glassware set available for rent. Higher end, heavy glass crystal design.

Glasses - Dessert

Various glasses designed with dessert in mind.

Glasses - HighBall

8oz or 11oz sizes available

Glasses - Iced Tea 12oz

10oz Iced Tea glass

Glasses - Irish Coffee Mug

Irish Coffee Mug 8oz

Glasses - Juice 5oz

Small 5oz juice glass

Glasses - Martini

10oz martini glass

Glasses - Old Flat Rocks

5oz or 10oz old fashioned rocks glasses

Glasses - Small / Shot

Small glasses like decanters, cordials, cocktail, and shot glasses

Glasses - Water Goblet

10oz Water Goblet glasses available for rental

Glasses - Wine

Wine glasses in variety of sizes and styles available for rental

Wine Carafe

1 liter wine carafes for rental.

Sparkle Organza Overlay

This sheer material creates a glowing shimmer great for accenting and layering. We have one of the largest in house rental linen inventories in Rhode Island.

Table Runners

Quality Rental's selection of table runners available for rent in various materials and patterns. We have the largest in house rental linen inventory in Rhode Island.

Iridescent Crush

Quality Rental's selection of iridescent crush tablecloths. We have the largest in house rental linen inventory in Rhode Island. This soft material has an on purpose crinkle in the fabric.


Quality Rental's selection of stripe tablecloths in various colors and sizes. This cotton / polyester blend contains satin and matte stripes throughout. We have one of the largest in house rental linen inventories in Rhode Island.

Specialty Cloths

Unique linens with different patterns and materials.

Baskets - Food

Various styles of food baskets.

Bowls - Silver

Various sizes of our Silver Paul Revere Bowls

Bowls - Stainless

Various sizes of stainless bowls

Cart - Bussing

3 Shelf Buss Cart

Chafer Utensils

Chafer Utensils

Chafer - Silver

Rectangular chafer dish rentals in 3qt or 8qt sizes.

Chafer - Stainless

Rectangular Stainless chafing dish in various sizes

Chafer - Roll Top

Roll Top chafers in both round or rectangle with gold accents.

Chafer - Round Silver

Round chafers with a silver finish

Chafer - Round Stainless

Round Chafer with stainless finish


Insulated coolers from 60quarts to 172quarts

Display - Ice Bowl

32" Round Clear Bowl with Sturdy Iron Base. Great display and style piece.


14.8 cu ft Chest Freezer available for rent

Pot - Steamer

Clam Steamer Pot available for rental

Raw Bar

Various styles of raw bar options


Traditional and commercial upright refrigerators available for rent.

Soup Container

Insulated Soup Container

Stand - Cupcake

5 tier round or square display stands

Steam Table

Rolling Steam table with 3 to 6 compartments.

Stock Pot with Cover

Stock Pot with Cover


Various Styles including: chafer, salad, sugar

Transport / Bakers Rack

15 or 21 Sheet Pan Transport Rack

Food Transporter

Holds Sheet pans in an insulated cabinet.

Tray - 4 Tier

Dress up your buffet or table with display trays of various styles

Mirrors - Octagon

Octagon Glass Mirrors. Often used for table decor

Tray - Silver

Round and oval silver trays

Tray - Silver Rectangular

Silver Rectangular Trays available for rent.

Tray - Round Silver

Round Silver Trays available for rent

Tray - Oval Stainless

Oval Stainless Trays available for rent

Tray -3 Tier VIP

Three Tier VIP Stainless Tray

Tureen - Silver Soup

Silver Soup Tureen available for rent

Tureen - Soup

Soup Tureens in 3qt - 8qt sizes with Ladle available for rent.

Waiter Stands

Waiter Stand and Tray rentals. Available in chrome or wood.

Warmer - Food/Soup

Kettle Warmers keep food or soup warm. Available in black or stainless

Warmer - Food Lamp

Food Lamp Warmers available in single or double lamp units.

Wine Bucket with Stand

Stainless Steel Wine Bucket with Stand.

Wine/Champagne Bucket

Trophy style silver champagne / wine bucket available for rent.

Stand - Bowl / 3 Canoes

Food stand great for parties and events. 15" Bowl with 3 canoe trays.

Stand - 3 Tier Platter

Gourmet stand with 3 Oval platters

Stand - 3 Bowl Tulip

3 Bowl stand with a Tulip Shape. Perfect for filling with salads, breads, chips, etc

Stand - 5 Canoe

Great food display stand with 5 canoe shaped bowls at varying heights.

Stand - Quarry Stone

Dark stone tiers are great for casual or upscale events.

Stand - Acrylic 3 Tier

3 Tier Acrylic Trays great for food display.

Stand - Acrylic Cubes

Can be used as tiered display stand or turned upend as a clear acrylic bowls.

Bar - Marble Top

Marble bar riser in banquet or serpentine styles. The most common portable bar rental.

Bar - Lighted

Great for parties, clubs, or dim lit settings. Our lighted LED bar can be set to a solid color,or color fade options. Has an interior shelf to hold bottles or supplies.

Bleachers - 40 person

Stadium style seating for 40 persons. Bleacher rental units are heavy duty and easy to transport.

Bleachers - Towable 72 Person

These bleachers are trailer mounted, with tandem axle, 7 pin adapter, and electric brakes. Easily folds up into 3 sections. Sets up and knocks down very easily for customer convenience.

Chair Covers

Available in white, ivory, or black. Chair covers come with your choice of a colored sash included.

Chair - Child Booster

Basic child booster seat available for rent

Chair - Child

Basic high chairs available for rent. Comes with tray.

Chair - Children's

Blue stackable chairs for rent suitable for young children.

Chair - Chivari Stool

Ballroom style bar stool. Great for pairing with Cafe Tables.

Chair - Form Back

White chair with powder coated metal frame and thick padded seat. Had an arching plastic back often referred to as fan back or formed back. Rhode Islands largest rental inventory.

Chair - Princess Wedding

Large extravagant white chair is great for making someone the center of attention. Commonly rented for showers, weddings, birthdays, or bachelorette parties. Quality Rental has Rhode Island's largest in house rental inventory.

Chair - Samsonite

The samsonite chair is the most commonly rented chair available. Great for a variety of occasions, these chairs are stackable, light weight, and low cost. Capable of supporting up to 275 lbs.

Chair - Upholstered

These upholstered chairs are commonly used for indoor events that require a little more comfort. Fully cushioned seat and back with metal frame.

Table - Fill N Chill

Add ice to keep your food and beverages cold and fresh. Use indoors or outside. Great to use as a raw bar, beverage cooler, or cooling platform.

Table - Banquet

High quality wooden tables with metal edging. We provide a higher quality table than typically seen in rental inventory due to yearly purchases and maintenance.

Table - Cafe

30" round wooden top with metal edging and stainless steel base. These tables are popular with cocktail parties and social gatherings.

Table - Cake

Wooden table with metal casters. Comes in various sizes.

Table - Children's

Shorter than our standard banquet tables at 22" or 24" heights. These tables are great for young children.

Table - Classroom

Classroom tables are skinnier than traditional banquets yet made of the same quality wood and metal edging.

Table - Lighted Cafe

Laser etched acrylic top and central LED unit makes this cafe table light up in many solid colors or a fading pattern.

Table - Round

Traditional round tables. Our updated inventory and high quality product is superior to traditional rental items.

Table - Round Cocktail

Traditional wooden top with metal edging. These are our smaller size round tables available for rent.

Table - Sectional

Sectional tables available in half and quarter round sizes. Quality Rental has Rhode Island's largest rental inventory.

Table - Serpentine

Arched serpentine tables are often used as a connecting table or to alternate style.

Table - Square

Square tables with wood tops and metal edging available for rent in various sizes. Quality Rental has Rhode Island's largest rental inventory.

Umbrella Kit

Kit contains 1 - 48" round table, 6 folding chairs, 90" round tablecloth, and white umbrella.

Bowls - Punch

Punch bowls in glass and silver of various sizes

Dispenser - Coffee / Beverage

Container with spigot to be used to store and dispense liquid beverages.

Coffee Dispenser - Airpot

Airpots are a great way to hold hot beverages for long period of time. Holds roughly 12 cups. Beverages are dispensed by pressing a button on the top of the unit to provide suction.

Coffee Maker

Easy to use coffee makers that range in size from 22 cup to 110 cup. Plugs into a standard outlet to make and hold hot coffee.

Coffee Serving Set

5 piece silver coffee serving set.

Coffee Urn, Silver

Real Silver coffee urn for rent

Cooler - Beer Keg

Large rubbermaid keg cooler can fit a standard size keg. Ice fills the rest of the tub to provide ice cold drinks for long periods of time.

Dispenser - Chocolate Shot

Designed for dispensing an espresso like shot of drinking chocolate. Great for serving as a dessert or aperitif. Often used to mix with coffee, alcoholic beverages, or ice cream.

Dispenser - Juice /Beverage

Stainless steel juice dispenser has a 7-1/2 quart capacity and center chamber for ice.

Fountain - Champagne

Our champagne fountains come in a variety of finishes. 5 Gallon capacity with top floral cup. Plugs in any standard outlet.

Pitcher - 2 Quart

2 Quart pitchers available in glass, plastic, or stainless steel

Pitcher - White Insulated

White Insulated pitchers with lid. Available in 40oz or 64oz sizes,

Blue Enamelware

Dinner plate and mug enamelware available for rent

China - Coffee/Tea/Toast

The basic China pattern is the most popular rented style of dinnerware we own. These are the coffee and tea accessories in this style of dinnerware.

China - Bowls

The basic china pattern is our most basic and most rented style of dinnerware. These are the bowls in this style of dinnerware.

China - Dinnerware

The basic china pattern is one of our most rented style of dinnerware. It is an off-white shade with a gold rim.

China - Accessories

The basic china pattern is our most rented style of dinnerware. It is an off-white shade with a gold rim. These are the matching accessory pieces

Tent Fan

Fans hang from custom brackets and can be placed in numerous locations throughout a tent for better airflow.


A tried and true pattern, common with informal events. We have inventory in red, blue and black. We have one of the largest in house rental inventories in Rhode Island

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