Tractor with backhoe

Kubota B26TL - Loader / Tractor combo with Kubota diesel engine. 4 wheel drive

Lift - Z-Boom 40' with Tracks

Versatile 40' Z-Boom lift. Simple Live Hydraulic operating system with electro-mechanical safeties. Narrow dimensions allows passage thru standard single doorways, while tracked undercarriage allows for heavy uphill and staircase climbing.

Trailer, Car Carrier

Car Carrier 82" x 16'

Trailer, Utility

Closed Utility

Aerator - Gasoline Lawn

Gasoline lawn aerator available for rent. 3hp 3600rpm motor with a coring depth up to 2 3/4". Provides up to 9 holes per square foot.

Brush Cutter / Weed Wacker

Available with 10" blade or String

Lawn Vacuum

Lawn Vacuums available for rent

Leaf Blower

Walk behind or backpack leaf blowers available for rent

Log Splitter

8hp Vertical Log Splitters available for rent. Heavy duty Bil-Jax and Maxim models available.

Brush Mower

26" Self Propelled Brush Mower available for rent


4 foot york rake available for rent

Seeder / Slicer

Self Propelled Seeder / Slicers available for rent

Sod Cutter

18" Gasoline sod cutters available for rent

Soil Renovator

Soil renovator attachment for our Dingo unit

Seed Spreader

50# Push Unit spreader available for rent

Stump Cutter

Rayco and Vermeer Stump Cutters available for rent


Gasoline Thatchers available for rent


Tillers available for rent. ?We carry different styles including 4-5hp merry tillers, 9hp hydraulic and 16hp hydraulic.

Chain Trencher

Chain Trencher available for rent


Forklift Rental available. 5000lb capacity. Triple Stage Mast

Mover Trucks - Hand Carts

Hand Truck, Moving Trucks, and Appliance Dollies available for rent.

Pallet Pullers

Pallet Pullers available for rent

Truck Pallet

Pallet Jack (Mover)available for rent

Equipment Trailer

Lowbed trailers great for hauling equipment or product.

Box Truck - 10 Foot

Smaller sized box truck available for rent. Great for moving smaller loads, furniture, or goods.

Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks available for rental.

Truck - Stake Body

Ford Stake Body Truck available for rental.

Aerosol Striper

Aerosol Line Stripers available for rent

Aluminum Tools

Aluminum Bender available for rent. Create unlimited custom trim shapes on the job site.

Automatic Oiler - Plumbing

Plumbing tools available for rent.

Drill Press - Magnetic

magnetic drill press available for rental.

Drill - Hand Held

Hand Tools available for rent. Electric Reverse 1/2", VSR Drill 1/2", Cordless 3/8", Right Angle 1/2", 18V Cordless 1/2", Hand Held Core

Electric Wall Steamer

Electric Wall Steamers available for rent

Grinder - Electric

7" and 9" Electric Grinder Rentals

Hammer - Rotary

10lb Rotary Demo Hammer available for rent

Heat Gun - Wallpaper

Wallpaper Heat Gun available for rent

Insulation Blower

Insulation Blowers available for rent

Kinetic Water Ram

Kinetic Water Ram and other plumbing tools available for rent.

Laminate Trimmer

Laminate Trimmers available for rent

Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers, compressors, and accessories available for rent.

Pipe Thawer - Plumbing

Plumbing tools available for rent

Pipe Threader - Plumbing

Various sizes ranging from 1/2" - 4". Power Threaders available

Electric Plane

Hand-Held Plane 2", 3-1/8", & 6-3/4", Thickness Planer 12-1/2".

Plumbing - Hand Tools

Plumbing tools available for rent.

Power Drive Vice

2" Power Drive Vice available for rent

Power Snake

Ranging from 1/4" - 3/4" and 25' - 100'. Some of our snakes are self propelled, and our inventory is consistently updated with the best products.

Router - Electric 1-1/2 HP

Electric 1-1/2 HP Router Available for rent

Sander - Hand Held

Orbital, Block, Drywall, and polisher sanders available for rent

Circular Saw

Circular saws available for rent up to 8 1/4"

Compound Mitre Saw

Compound Mitre Saws available for rent

Porta-Band Saw

Porta-Band Saw and other tools available for rent

Sabre / Jig Saw,

Jig Saw and other hand tools available for rent

Spiral Saw

Resale Item.

Table Saw

10" Table Saw with Stand available for rent

Reciprocating Sawzall

Reciprocating 2 Speed Cordless Sawzall available for rent.

Drywall Screwdriver

Drywall Screwdriver available for rent


Various electric and gas welders available for rent

Impact Wrench

Electric impact wrenches in 1/2" and 3/4" sizes available for rental.


We carry many sizes and models of generator from 2900W - 20,000W? towable units

Submersible Pump

3/4 Submersible Pumps available for rent

Trash Pump

3" 20,000 gph Trash Pump available for rent

Heater - Kerosene Blower

Available in various sizes and styles. Call for the best recommendation and availability

Heater - Bullet Style

Heaters for various applications including propane and kerosene models.

Heater - Propane Convection

Propane Convection

Heater - Patio

Uses a 20lb Propane tank.

Heater - Propane

80 - 170M BTU. Used in heatings warehouses, tents and other larger open space areas.

Ladders - Extension

Aluminum extension ladders available for rent in various sizes.

Ladder - Rolling

Rolling ladders available for rent in 10' 8' 76" and 48" models

Ladder - Step

Step ladders available for rent in 4-foot to 12-foot sizes.

Lift - Electric Scissor

Ideal for maneuvering in tight spaces, Genie® slab scissor lifts are excellent for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with ?rm, level surfaces.

Lift - Scissor Gas / Propane

Versatile outdoor scissor lift. Genie GS2668 gas / propane model

Lift - Z-Boom 50'

Z-Boom Self Propelled 50'

Material Lift 24'

Material Lift 24' available for rent. Up to 650lb Capacity

Panel / Jack Lift

5' and 18' Extensions available

Stilts - Adjustable

Stilts available for rent with an adjustable height of 18" - 30"

Auger - Post Hole Digger

Available in 1 man setup or 2 man. Hand Auger also available

Breaker / Jack Hammer - 60lb

60lb model available for rent

Power Buggy

Stand on power buggy available for rent.

Compactor - Ride On Roller

1-1/4 ton rid on compaction unit

Compactor - Ride On Vibratory Roller

Ride on 1-1/2 ton compactor / roller available for rent.


Vibroplate 2000 lbs, 3000 lbs

Excavator - Kubota KX-91

3-cyl Kubota Diesel Engine: 27hp @ 3000 rpm. Model: KX911S.

Loader - 61HP Diesel

61HP Diesel John Deere Front End Loader Available For Rent

Loader - Walk Behind 20hp Dingo

Walk behind loader. Dingo Model TX420 available for rent.


Gas Walk Behind

Vibratory Plow / Pipe Puller / Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch Vibratory Plow / Pipe Puller available for rent

Bull Float

10' and 16' Bull Float rentals available with handle


Concrete Aluminum 16" cement chute available for rental

Concrete Floor Grinder

Electric Concrete Floor Grinder available for rental.

Hand Tools - Cement

Hand Tamper, Cement Groover, Aluminum Hawk 12" x 12" available for rent

Mixer - Mortar

Stone mortar mixer available for rent.

Brick Saw

Brick Saw Rentals - 14" Gas and Electric

Saw - Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile saws available for rent.

Saw - Walk Behind Concrete

Concrete Walk Behind Saws available for rent. Used to cut asphalt or concrete. Diamond and abrasive blades available

Saw - Cutoff

Cut Off Saws available for rent. 12" and 16" Electric available.


36" Gas Concrete Trowel available for rent. Use for finishing concrete floors.

Vibrator - Cement

2hp Cement Vibrator available for rent

Brush, Power Wand

Carpet Cleaner rentals available including the popular Powr-Flite brand.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner Rentals available in a variety of models and sizes.

Carpet Cleaner - Hot

13 gallon hot carpet cleaner available for rent.

Carpet Cleaner - Spotter

Spot Cleaner available for rent

Carpet Cleaner - Upright

Upright Carpet Cleaner Rentals

Cutter - Magnum Shear

Magnum Shear manual floor cutter makes quick clean cuts without the use of any electric power.


Dehumidifier rentals available in different sizes depending on your application.

Dryer / Blower - Floor

Floor Dryer or blower available for rent.

Odor Neutralizer

Ozone Odor Neutralizer available for rent.

Polisher - Floor

Floor polishers available for rent. We carry - 13", 17", or 20" regular and high speed models.

Pressure Washer - Various

Pressure Washers available for rent. Gas and Kerosene Models available. Many sizes ranging from 1200 - 4000 PSI.

Sander - Floor

Various size floor sander models available for rent. Orbital and Drum Sanders of various sizes.

Scrubber - Automatic Floor

POWR-FLITE PAS16 Automatic Floor Scrubber available for rent

Stripper - Floor Tile

Floor Tile Strippers available for rent.


Powr-Flite Walk Behind battery operated sweeper available for rental.


Wet or Dry Commercial vacuums available for rent.

Breaker / Jack Hammer - Air

30 - 90lb Electric and Hydraulic breakers available to rent. Various attachments available.

Compressor - Diesel 185 CFM

185CFM Diesel Air Compressor available for rent. These are tow behind units.

Compressor - Air and Electric

Various models or electric and air compressor units available for rent. Often used for irrigation systems or pneumatic jobs of all sizes.

Nail Gun, Various

Pneumatic and manual versions available. Often used for roof framing, and flooring.

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