Projector - All In One

Our Epson Moviemate unit combines a projector, DVD player, and speakers into one unit. Perfect for backyard movies, DVD slideshows, or presentations.
  • - $95.00

Our Epson Moviemate projector is a all-in-one projection solutions. This product had a built-in progressive scan DVD/CD player and four 5W Dolby 5.1 DTS stereo speakers built into a single unit. Epson MovieMate 72 displays an 80-inch, widescreen image from just 6 1/2 feet. A perfect device for backyard movies, presentations, or DVD slideshows

  • The Ultimate Outdoor Movie Experience

    Having friends and family over for a movie night? Sometimes that list gets so long that you run out of room indoors and have to cut the list down. We have am easy and inexpensive alternative to having to turn some guests away......move the experience outdoors! We have all the equipment you need to set up the ultimate outdoor movie experience.

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