When it comes to an event, large or small, there is never to small of a detail to leave out. Especially dinner parties. From the perfect place setting, to the color of the table cloth to the fold of the napkin, your guests are sure to remember those finer details. Here are a few of our favorite napkin folds, try some out, try some on your own and get adventurous. 


A basic triangle, square, pyramid, or rectangle - A classic fold for any occasion. Mix it up with a bold color or pattern. Be bold and try this classic look with something new.


Slipping a napkin ring over the napkin for another classic look. Using stainless seal rings, texture rings or birght colors will bring this simple presentation to shine like a star at the table.









Kick it up a your presentation a few notches with this fun napkin fold. Mix it up with a funky pattern or keep it classic with black or white. Your guests are sure to be talking about this for days to come. 








The pouch fold-Great for an insert of a menu or a set of flatware.








There are many ways to kick up your table design with small touches. From these examples to basic napkin folds, to something a little more bold, there are many ways a simple napkin can be applied to your design. Don't stop with these few suggestions, get creative and adventurous and share your ideas with us!

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