Tips To Reduce Wedding Stress!

Stress is a common feeling that most people experience when planning a wedding. It may be stress over smaller details; money, family issues, making decisions quickly or changing your mind, or just feeling overwhelmed. We have gathered some ways to minimize this stress to create a more positive experience. In this blog you will find common causes of wedding stress and ways to reduce or eliminate it. 



One of the largest causes of wedding stress is trying to keep up with expectations. Often we are bombarded with societal trends and ?rules? you are led to believe you have to follow.  Opinions between yourself, family, and wedding participants usually differ.  How can we deal with this?  One of the best ways to deal this particular stress is to realize that no wedding will make every guest happy.  You can curb this up front with a small pep talk.  Make sure your family knows how important it is for the wedding to be about you and your fiancé and that you appreciate all suggestions but ultimately the decision will be made between the ?guests of honor?.  Be the shot caller!

Another cause of stress in wedding planning is the idea that everything has to be perfect.  All couples want a day to remember and that is exactly what it should be. Your wedding day is going to fly by and you will not notice any small imperfections of the day. Neither will your guests. Focus on the main things. 


Your Vendors and You!

Feel comfortable with your vendors.  They will be taking care of the event flow so you don\'t have to.  If you feel you need to micromanage your vendors, you haven\'t chosen the right ones.  Choose vendors that make you feel comfortable and who you trust.  You want a team that takes the hard work off your shoulders so you wont have to direct or pay attention to during your day.  Industry veterans always have examples, references, and other vendors who they pair well with.


Dealing with family / friends

Family issues can put a damper on any wedding. The stress comes in when you have to start thinking about who will not show up if another family member does, who cannot sit next to who, who has a tendency to cause a scene, who is chipping in for the budget, etc. We reccomend selecting people who support your vision to play key roles in the wedding.  Avoid selecting people out of tradition or expectation. Reduce feelings of obligation by asking them to help with minor things like directing people, or handing out items.



Working with a budget (especially a tight one) can be stressful all in itself. If you are looking for a Hollywood wedding on a school play budget, you may find yourself wanting things you just can?t have. I believe it is more important to add some personalization to your wedding. The expense doesn?t have to be large. It is a good idea to consult with professionals to give you alternative ideas that will fit into your budget. Don?t set expectations for yourself that are out of your price range. Be honest about you budget with vendors.  Experienced rental companies can transform a hall or tent into a ballroom or gala, but they also can make suggestions for sprucing up events on a limited budget.  Take advantage of our free event planning services.




Now relax, take a deep breath and set a reasonable timetable to plan. Remember to take some time out for you and your relationship in between planning. Part of the wedding experience is the planning and you want to enjoy every minute you can!  It is rare to have an opportunity to have everyone we love gather for celebrations.  Celebrate the moment and don\'t sweat the small stuff!

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