Speaker - Wireless PA System

Small speaker with a powerful punch. This Behringer unit is battery powered, lightweight, and simple to use.

Light - H20 Water Effects

Great effect like that simulates the light bouncing effect of water. This unit is lightweight and easy to use. Big bang for the buck effect. Popular for DJs, nightclubs, weddings, shows, and events.

Light - Swarm 5FX

Swarm 5FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that combines red and green lasers, white strobe effects and RGBAW rotating derby effects into one fixture.


Capture stunning video footage at high frame rate with this well known action camera.

Light - Wireless Uplights

Wireless uplight units available for rent. Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours. Wireless controls and powerful LEDs.

Light - Headbanger

Motorized 180 degree moving head with 7 - 10W RGBW LEDs. This unit has great action and is easy to use in sound mode with built in programs.

Speakers - Electro-Voice, ZLX15

Speaker rental available for medium and larger venues. This model is great for a wide variety of uses including music and vocalization such as DJ services or PA system rentals.

Light - UV Bar

Ultraviolet wash light available for rent. The UV Bar is a simple to use UV wash light. It has wash and strobe functions that are easily controlled by the included IR remote.

Light - UV Cannon

Hi powered ultraviolet wash light available for rent. The UV Cannon can wash a large space and has multiple functions including DMX, strobe, and pulse.

Projector - Short Throw

Short throw projectors are great for maximizing space and setup. They can project a large image from almost directly underneath the surface. This eliminated shadows, allows for pointing, and reduces tripping hazards with wires.

Light - Geyser Fog Machine / Uplight Combo

This is a dramatic effects unit that shoots fog 15 feet in the air and illuminates it with an LED uplighted base.

Projector Screen

60" - 80" with tripod base

Fog Machine

Medium sized high output fog machine. Available with remote for speed and duration controls.

Bull Horn

Bull Horn rentals are popular for voice amplification. Often referred to as a megaphone, these devices can amplify and project sound waves in a pointed direction.

Karaoke Machine

Karaoke machines are great entertainment for parties, social gatherings, or promotion events. Our rental machine is easy to use, portable, and full of features.

Light - Par LED

LED lights with wash or color mixing capabilities. Often used for tent accents, uplighting, or highlighting of an area.

Light - Pin Spot

Plain white spotlight

Light - Strobe

Chauvet Strobe Light Rental with independent speed control and AC power hookup.

Projector - All In One

Our Epson Moviemate unit combines a projector, DVD player, and speakers into one unit. Perfect for backyard movies, DVD slideshows, or presentations.

Projector - HD DLP

DLP Technology by Texas Instruments with BrilliantColor Technology 2500 Lumens produce a bright, crisp image Produces mind-boggling 3D images for high intensity gaming! Complete on-screen menu adjustments in 23 languages Native 720P widesreen resoluti

Projector - Older Styles

8 mm,16 mm with Sound, Opaque, Overhead

Light - GOBO Projector

Gobo Projector Rental - This unit is often used to project large names at a wedding or logos for promotional events.

Light - Galaxian Laser

Small unit that covers a very large area with red and blue lasers in a moving pattern. Great for parties, dance floors / ceilings.

Screen - 10 Foot

Indoor or Outdoor projector screen has a 120" surface. Easy to transport at only 47lbs and easy to construct (10 minute setup). Very popular for a backyard movie setup.

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